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Photos by Duncan Selby, Bruce Robbins, and Tim Burnham

Events and Schedule

SJSBA administers the California Bodysurfing Tour. The California Bodysurfing Tour is comprised of four events in which participants earn points based on their results at each event. At the final event in Ventura, Men’s and Women’s tour champions are crowned based on their top three event finishes throughout the year.


The 2021 events are as follows (click to jump to additional info):

Huntington Beach Bodysurfing and Handplane Championships, August 14 & 15, 2021

Del Mar Bodysurfing Contest, October 2, 2021

California Bodysurfing Championships, October 23, 2021

Ventura Bodysurfing Classic, November 27, 2021

Huntington Beach Bodysurfing and Handplane Championships

Hosted by the Cubascos Bodysurfing Association.

August 14th & 15th 2021

Held at the legendary Huntington Beach Pier in Southern California. This event draws upwards of 200 participants from all over the world for two days of epic bodysurfing and Handplaning. Huntington Beach is one of California’s best and most famous beach breaks and home to the US Open of surfing.

The Huntington Beach Bodysurfing and Handplane Championships are held in early August and consistently delivers quality southern hemisphere swells.

Del Mar Bodysurfing Contest



October 2nd, 2021


The Del Mar International BodySurf Festival will be the inaugural bodysurfing contest ever held in Del Mar. The contest will include only four divisions: Men's Open, Women's Open, Boys Under 18, and Girls Under 18.  The first heat starts at 7:00am and the finals should conclude around noon.  Due to city restrictions, the 2021 contest will be a smaller contest on the tour.  However, it will be big on family fun and entertainment.  At the contest site there will be a BBQ picnic in Powerhouse Park from 11:00am to 1:00pm for the whole family.  Musical entertainment during lunch will include a Caribbean steel drum performer and a group of Ukulele players. The night before the contest, Friday, October 1, there will be a dance party from 5:00pm to 8:00pm at the Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach with the locally famous Atomic Groove Variety Dance Band featuring guest stage performers from the Del Mar Bodysurfing Club.   


The California Bodysurfing Championships

Hosted by the Santa Cruz Bodysurfing Association.

October 23rd, 2021


This competition epitomizes the soul of bodysurfing. Competitors and spectators alike always walk away with a heart filled with stoke and good vibes regardless of their personal results.


The California Bodysurfing Championships are held at Laguna Beach five miles north of Santa Cruz along the pristine Northern California Coast, and consistently delivers some of the coldest and most powerful conditions.


The California Bodysurfing Championships are held in October at the onset of strong northwest pacific swells.

The final event is the

Ventura Bodysurfing Classic

Hosted by the South Jetty Swells in Ventura, California.

November 27th, 2021

The Ventura Bodysurfing Classic is the flagship event for the South Jetty Swells Bodysurfing Association. This event is held at the south jetty of the Ventura Harbor in Late November/early December. The Ventura Bodysurfing Classic will be the final event of the California Bodysurf Tour. The event is well known for providing powerful north west winter swells and cold water.

2021 California Bodysurfing Tour Rankings
Rankings = Best 3 Events
All Tour Events will have 10,000 tour point available for competitors.
Event points will be based on the number of competitors in each division.
Total points earned for each event will be a combination of tour points and event points.
Grand Final champions will receive an additional 1000 points or a percentage of 1000 points for runner-ups depending on the event format.


Saturday December 7th brought solid surf, rain, and over 100 bodysurfers to the Ventura Harbor for the annual Ventura Bodysurfing Classic. This event is the flagship competitive event of the South Jetty Swells Bodysurfing Association held every winter. This year marked not only some of the best waves in the history of bodysurfing competitions, but the final event of the California Bodysurfing Tour.

Event organizers scrambled when faced with a 6-10 foot swell forecast. Extra lifeguards and emergency services were organized, and a “Big Wave Scoring Format” was put into place. The main difference in this format change was giving competitors extra time in each heat. This would allow them to not only reach the lineup in time, but to be more selective when choosing what waves to take off on. The weather, aside from light drizzle, cooperated with light offshore winds all day long.

Chris Ford of Ojai, and Meredith Rose from Del Mar were unbeatable and won the Grand final in stellar fashion. Chris was able to catch one of the best rides of the day in the Grand Final heat, taking off on a set wave, threading a low tide barrel, performing multiple maneuvers, and finishing the wave with a powerful lip bash on the inside. As his brother David said “If you want to win at this event you need to beat the locals”, but nobody could this year. Coming all the way from Hawaii, Dane Torres of Oahu dominated the Junior Men’s division. He was able to negotiate the powerful winter swells with ease applying traditional wave riding skills along with progressive above the lip maneuvers. Winning the Legends division along with the California Bodysurfing Tour was Southern California legend Mark Drewelow. He competed in all four tour stops and proved to be the most consistent surfer of the year. Meredith Rose took the Women’s tour championship and solidified herself as the top female athlete of the year. 16 year old Cayden Durrett from San Diego was the winner of the under 18 Grommet division.

The California Bodysurf Tour featured close to 300 athletes competing in four events from Huntington Beach to Santa Cruz. It was a huge success and we look forward to next years tour. Please stay tuned for announcements regarding next year’s events.

Thank you all who attended and participated.

Past Event Photos

Photos by Duncan Selby

2021 Huntington Beach Bodysurfing & Handplane Photos

Event Details
Huntington Contest
Del Mar Contest
Santa Cruz Contest
Ventur Contest
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