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South Jetty Swells Bodysurfing Association?


The South Jetty Swells Bodysurfing Association (SJSBA) is incorporated as a 501-C-3 non-profit organization with the focus on providing education to the public on beach and ocean safety, preservation of our natural ocean and beach environment, and general lifelong health and fitness.


Some of our goals include promoting the sport of Bodysurfing through area youth development clinics, the hosting of competitions and competitive circuits, and community beach cleanups.

South Jetty Swells Bodysurfing Association (SJSBA) was formed in the 1960’s as a loose knit group of people encompassing a wide range of professions and backgrounds.


These founders would meet at the beach on their lunch break and bodysurf. This was a healthy alternative to having drinks and lunch at the local restaurants and pubs. These young men and women began to travel the coast of California competing in competitions hosted by other bodysurfing groups.


In 1969 the SJSBA hosted their first competition in Ventura. These original founders began having children and today the SJSBA is comprised of four generations of bodysurfers.

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