Events and Schedule

SJSBA administers the California Bodysurfing Tour. The California Bodysurfing Tour is comprised of four events in which participants earn points based on their results at each event. At the final event in Ventura, Men’s and Women’s tour champions are crowned based on their top three event finishes throughout the year.


The four events are as follows;

Zuma Beach Bodysurfing Classic

Hosted by the South Jetty Swells Bodysurfing Association.

May 18th 2019

Zuma Beach is known for its powerful beach break and picks up all swell directions. Early forecasts have May looking good for the early season southern hemisphere swells.

Huntington Beach Bodysurfing and Handplane Championships

Hosted by the Cubascos Bodysurfing Association.

August 10th 2019

Held at the legendary Huntington Beach Pier in Southern California. This event draws upwards of 200 participants from all over the world for two days of epic bodysurfing and Handplaning. Huntington Beach is one of California’s best and most famous beach breaks and home to the US Open of surfing.

The Huntington Beach Bodysurfing and Handplane Championships are held in early August and consistently delivers quality southern hemisphere swells.

The California Bodysurfing Championships

Hosted by the Santa Cruz Bodysurfing Association.

October 12th 2019


This competition epitomizes the soul of bodysurfing. Competitors and spectators alike always walk away with a heart filled with stoke and good vibes regardless of their personal results.


The California Bodysurfing Championships are held at Laguna Beach five miles north of Santa Cruz along the pristine Northern California Coast, and consistently delivers some of the coldest and most powerful conditions.


The California Bodysurfing Championships are held in October at the onset of strong northwest pacific swells.

The final event is the

Ventura Bodysurfing Classic

Hosted by the South Jetty Swells in Ventura, California.

December 7th 2019

The Ventura Bodysurfing Classic is the flagship event for the South Jetty Swells Bodysurfing Association. This event is held at the south jetty of the Ventura Harbor in early December. The Ventura Bodysurfing Classic will be the final event of the California Bodysurf Tour. The event is well known for providing powerful north west winter swells and cold water.

2019 California Bodysurfing Tour Rankings
Rankings = Best 3 Events
All Tour Events will have 10,000 tour point available for competitors.
Event points will be based on the number of competitors in each division.
Total points earned for each event will be a combination of tour points and event points.
Grand Final champions will receive an additional 1000 points or a percentage of 1000 points for runner-ups depending on the event format.
Event Photos